I want to try Jerusalem Artichokes! How can I get them? When are they harvested?

by naffy

How to get Jerusalem Artichokes

Have you ever wondered about the health benefits of Jerusalem Artichokes? Maybe you’ve even wanted to try them but had trouble finding them. Due to their rarity as an ingredient, Jerusalem Artichokes are not widely available in stores. However, if you’re curious about this nutritious and flavorful vegetable, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll outline a few ways to get your hands on some Jerusalem Artichokes so you can taste them for yourself.

Jerusalem Artichokes are hard to find

One of the main reasons why Jerusalem Artichokes are hard to come by is that they are not a commonly used ingredient, and therefore not readily available in stores. Even if they are stocked in grocery stores, many people are not aware that Jerusalem Artichokes are sold there, so they may not notice them. However, the limited harvesting season is another factor. Jerusalem Artichokes are only in season from November to March, meaning they are typically only sold in stores during the late fall and winter months. This makes fresh Jerusalem Artichokes a rare find in the summer. As a result, dried Jerusalem Artichokes may be the only option available during other times of the year. It’s important to note that when rehydrated, some of the inulin in dried Jerusalem Artichokes may dissolve in water, resulting in a lower nutritional value. Despite these challenges, there are still several ways to obtain Jerusalem Artichokes, which we will outline in the following sections.

Buying at the grocery store

Although the grocery store is the most convenient option for purchasing Jerusalem Artichokes, they are not commonly found in stores. Because of the limited harvesting season from November to March, fresh Jerusalem Artichokes are rarely sold in stores during the spring and summer months. They usually only become available in late fall. Additionally, Jerusalem Artichokes are not a major product, so even when they are in season, they may not be stocked in every store. This means that finding them can be a challenge, and you may have to search several stores to find them. However, if you do come across Jerusalem Artichokes at your local grocery store, consider yourself lucky and take advantage of the opportunity to try them.

Buying online

In today’s world, it’s possible to buy just about anything online, and Jerusalem Artichokes are no exception. A quick online search reveals a wide range of sunchoke products, including raw, dried, powdered, tea, supplements, and even drinks. Buying online is convenient because you don’t have to carry the heavy Jerusalem Artichokes home from a physical store.

However, buying Jerusalem Artichokes online has its challenges. Fresh Jerusalem Artichokes are only available when they are in season, so you cannot purchase them year-round. With so many sunchoke products available online, it can be difficult to choose the right one. If you have a preference for a specific production region or farmer, purchasing online may be a good option for you.

One major concern when buying Jerusalem Artichokes online is their perishability. They lose water and become soft as they ripen, and they also have a tendency to mold quickly. Although internet shops are supposed to properly control their products, checking the freshness of Jerusalem Artichokes yourself is not always possible when buying online.

Growing them yourself

Surprisingly, growing your own Jerusalem Artichokes is not only possible but also fairly easy. All you need are some seeds and a large planter, and you can start growing them at home. If you’re unable to find Jerusalem Artichokes at your local grocery store or roadside station, or if you simply prefer to grow your own produce, then growing them at home might be an excellent option for you. If you enjoy home gardening, you’ll certainly have a great time growing them.

Jerusalem Artichokes are a hardy crop that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, making them an ideal choice for home gardens. However, since they can grow up to 6-9 feet tall with a diameter of about 20 inches, they’re not recommended for those with small balconies. Additionally, they take a lot of energy from the soil, so it’s best not to plant them near other crops as they may absorb nutrients meant for surrounding plants.

Although growing Jerusalem Artichokes isn’t necessarily easy, it doesn’t require much effort either. With a bit of time and space, you can enjoy a bountiful harvest of these nutritious and delicious vegetables right from your own backyard.

So, what’s the best way to get Jerusalem Artichokes?

Securing Jerusalem Artichokes can be challenging when they’re out of season. If you happen to spot them in your local supermarket during their peak availability, don’t hesitate to purchase them. Alternatively, you can explore online options for acquiring these unique tubers. To enjoy them off-season, consider buying dried Jerusalem Artichokes, rehydrating the desired quantity, and savoring their distinct flavor.

For those primarily interested in the inulin content of Jerusalem Artichokes, supplements may be the most convenient choice. A wide variety of sunchoke supplements can be found online, offering a hassle-free way to incorporate their benefits into your daily routine. Keep in mind that sunchoke supplements are rarely found in brick-and-mortar drugstores, so browsing online retailers is your best bet for locating high-quality options.

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