I can’t keep looking away…Jerusalem Artichokes Recommended for People with Lifestyle-Related Diseases

by naffy

Although I don’t want to admit it, every year I’m updating my metabolic syndrome. I’m concerned about the plumpness in my stomach, back, and upper arms… My body feels heavy and I get tired even with a little movement… But, I’m too lazy to exercise, and I need sweets as a stress reliever… At this point, you can’t keep ignoring the lifestyle disease.

The accumulation of daily habits can lead to illness.

Unlike influenza and colds, which are usually caused by infections from viruses and other external factors, the “lifestyle disease” is an illness that is caused by your daily habits. For example, an unbalanced diet that includes excessive sugar can lead to diabetes, high cholesterol, and colon cancer, while smoking can cause lung cancer and emphysema, and alcohol consumption can be a factor in alcoholic liver disease.

In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in metabolic syndrome which is a major cause of lifestyle diseases such as visceral fat syndrome. As our lives become more convenient, we tend to chronically lack exercise, reducing our energy output. As a result, obesity progresses leading to the onset of diabetes, lipid metabolism disorders, and hypertension, promoting arteriosclerosis. Furthermore, this can lead to even more negative effects such as causing myocardial infarction or stroke.

Jerusalem artichoke supports the improvement of lifestyle diseases.

Although we know there are many negatives, we have to fight our deeply rooted daily habits. This is also why it’s very difficult to overcome lifestyle diseases. Before we know it, we take the escalator, grab a beer, or indulge in fried foods, and these “bad habits in our daily lives” are not easy to change. But interestingly, when our weight decreases, our body feels lighter and walking becomes less of a burden and things can turn around quickly reversing the negative spiral making everything move in a positive direction.

One of the things we recommend as a trigger for positive change is the consumption of Jerusalem artichoke. It is well known that the inulin in Jerusalem artichoke helps to reduce postprandial blood glucose levels. Additionally, Jerusalem artichokes contain essential vitamins and minerals such as potassium and magnesium that are very important for our metabolism.

In addition, Jerusalem artichokes are also great for the gut. The inulin in Jerusalem artichokes is broken down in the intestine to become fructooligosaccharides, which have the function of improving the intestinal environment. Furthermore, since the dietary
fiber in Jerusalem artichokes are water-soluble, they absorb water in the intestines and become gel-like which helps provide a feeling of fullness to prevent overeating. This means that Jerusalem artichokes can also be expected to have a diet and obesity prevention effect. Although the inulin effect on diabetes has been the focus of attention for Jerusalem artichokes, they also have a good balance of vitamins and minerals which improve the gut environment, making them a reliable source of health.

Jerusalem artichokes are a strong ally for living past 90 years old.

Living habits are one of the causes of lifestyle diseases, and by reviewing and changing our habits, we can prevent diseases and slow down their progression. However, we understand that it can be challenging to engage in activities we don’t enjoy, such as exercise or giving up our favorite foods.

Nevertheless, the benefits of a healthy lifestyle are immeasurable compared to unintentional behaviors that can harm our health and lead to pain and discomfort in our daily lives. Furthermore, living to be over 90 years old is no longer a rare occurrence in today’s world. However, if we aren’t healthy, longevity alone won’t bring us joy. Therefore, we should start by taking an interest in our health and strive to adopt healthy habits that will allow us to live life to the fullest.

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